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Document edit.png WHAT IS A RUBRIC?

'Larson & Lockee (2014) define a rubric as a uniform set of precisely defined criteria for judging students' work. The rubric consists of clearly written descriptions of levels of performances. It is a "consistent, accurate, and unbiased approach" to scoring student assignments. It is more effective if students are given the rubric beforehand. By knowing the standards and guidelines, students are able to assess and evaluate their assignments before submitting them.

Rubrics can be used for any grade level. There are numerous examples on the web.

Document edit.png EXAMPLES OF RUBRICS

source: Reflective%20Paper%20Rubric.jpg
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Unit 1: What is Reflection?

Unit 2: What is Gibb's Cycle of Reflection?

Unit 3: What is a Reflective Learning Journal?