Step 1: Assign Roles

The first task is to assign roles. The brochure will have five topics or sections that you need to address. Those topics are: How to Prepare your Pet Before an Emergency, What to do During an Emergency, What to do after an Emergency, Create a list of Emergency Contacts and Create an Evacuation Bag that includes important items of your pet. There should be a team of five students. Assign each student a topic.

Step 2: Research

Work independently. This step could be done using the school computer lab or your home computer. Visit each of the websites provided in the Resources section and gather information for your section of the brochure. Each of your sections should include the following information (but are not limited to just this information):


How to Prepare Before an Emergency- Include a checklist on what important items are needed to evacuate with a pet. What important phone numbers and contacts should be available.

What to Do in an Emergency-This should address tips that discuss where to evacuate, what to do if the pet is left at home, or with a neighbor, etc.

What to Do after an Emergency-This section should address tips on how to prepare your pet when you go back to your home after an evacuation or if your neighborhood was affected. Animals may become disoriented if their surroundings have been disturbed. It is important to make them as comfortable as possible.

Emergency Contact Information-This section will have a list of organizations, pet-friendly accommodations and sheltering to contact during an emergency.

Pet Evacuation Bag-This section will have a list of the items necessary to create a pet evacuation bag that you can take with you in case you need to leave. Bookbag.jpg

Step 3: Choose a Brochure

Search the websites provided in the Resources section under How to Create a Brochure. As a group choose a brochure design of your choice. Once the design is chosen, each student is responsible for entering the information for their section. Make sure to proofread and spell check.

Step 4: Visuals

Look at the websites provided in the Resources section under Free Stock Photos and Images. Add clipart, photos or illustrations to your brochure. As a group decide on what artwork works well with the brochure and conveys the message.

Step 5: Grand Finale

Proofread and spell check the brochure. Make sure that the texts are within the margins of the brochure template and the artwork is in the right places. Once you have completed and proofread the brochure, turn in the project. Include a cover page stating the name of each person in the group along with the responsibility of each person and their contribution to the project.


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