Personal Implementation: ISNs in Your Classroom



This mini-course has equipped you with meaningful methods of implementing Interactive Student Notebooks in your classroom, as well as a solid rational for doing so. This unit is intended to be an assessment of your knowledge about ISNs and their possible use in your own classroom. To encourage creativity and instructional risk-taking, this assessment will not be graded, rather you should see it as a self-assessment of your own learning. Likewise I will see it as a measure of the effectiveness of this course.

As you work on this assessment, it will do you well to revisit the previous units and lessons to brush up on your knowledge of ISNs and effective means of implementing them. It will also be useful to revisit the teacher-generated web examples of ISNs in their classrooms to get ideas on activities.


At the end of this unit, you will:

  • Generate a unit of study in your content area based in an ISN


You will be creating a unit of study - in a topic of your choosing - completely based in an ISN. This means that all of your activities, notes, and other similar classroom activities will be contained in one student notebook. The requirements and expectations for this assignment are as follows:

  • Complete this unit as students generally would - in a notebook (yours might be called a "master" notebook)
  • Choose a topic in your content area that you are familiar with for the unit (you may modify an existing unit you already teach if you like)
  • Link your topic to the state or national standards expected in your content area
  • Create 6-8 lessons linked to your topic with appropriate matched input and output activities
  • For each output activity, provide a paragraph-long justification explaining why it would be considered "output" and why you believe it would be effective for student learning
  • Create a sample table of contents, just as students would, to facilitate organization of the notebook
  • Create a sample unit page you might expect students to generate, like this one: ISN unitpage.JPG
  • Devise a means of formative assessment for the ISN
  • Devise a means of summative assessment for the ISN
  • In a one-page response, reflect on the experience of creating a unit plan in such a manner


As you plan your unit, you may run into problems or have questions about the strategies you are considering using. You may also need help in determining an appropriate topic or formulating effective input strategies. I encourage you all to use our discussion space as a forum to air these difficulties and help each other along the way. Every question is worth asking - and others may have the same questions as you do. To air them now, visit Understanding and Integrating ISNs Discussion Space.


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