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What Can We Do?

Thus far in this min-course, you have considered the needs of fictional students, completed a survey assessing your readiness to engage in self-directed learning, and have read about some of the research related to self-directed learning. The one lingering questions, many instructional designers and instructors typically have is “how can I apply this to my classroom?” Well, here is your chance.

J0236240.gifQuestions to Consider

In this section, please consider your students and the content of your classes.

1. What is the readiness levels of your students to engage in self-directed learning? When responding to this question be sure to consider the five categories from the Williamson self-rating scale.

2. What are the specific skills that your students need to develop in each of the five categories? Be sure to review the research summary above.

3. What methods or instructional strategies would you use to foster the development of these characteristics?

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