Movie Maker as an Instructional Tool Unit 1


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Ask Yourself

What will classrooms look like 20 years from now?

Which classroom will best help prepare your students for their futures?

Which class would you rather be in?

Target Goals:

After this unit you should be able to:

  • Explain the benifits of using technologically driven lessons
  • Identify links between instructional design and student engagment
  • Understand how technologies like Movie Maker can be used to drive instruction

What are the Benefits of Using Technologies Such as Movie Maker in the Classroom?

21st Century Learning

Technology has changed not only our ability to deliver instruction but the way our students learn, think, and interact with the world. In order to reach this new generation of learners we must change our perception of teaching and learning. School curriculum and teaching methods must be modernized to reflect the needs of today’s students. Using technologies such as Movie Maker is an invaluable tool not only for teaching content matter, but teaching the skills our students will need to be productive in the 21st century. gagne

The Uses of Technology

Computer technology has great potential to enhance student achievement if it is used appropriately. Technology can provide the opportunity to create learning environments where students learn through engagement, feedback and building upon prior knowledge

Technologies can be used to:

  • Teach cirriculum based on real-world problems
  • Provide scaffolding and tools to enhance learning
  • Providing opportunities for reflection, feedback, and revision
  • Building learning communities
  • Expanding opportunities for teacher learning

Bransford ch.9


Todays students are what is called digital natives. They have been using technology for their and manipulating digital information for their entire lives. Yesterdays classrooms do not peak the interests or take advantage of the skillsets of todays students. Todays students do not live in a world of textbooks and chalkboards. Todays students use technology to interact with each other and the world. The text, tweet, and share inforamtion digitally with one another. Most importantly they are able to use technology to be creative. They are able to use technology to share their ideas with others through social networking websites, Youtube, and smartphones. Eduactors should be taking advantage of the creative capacity that technology provides todays students. Student preform better when given authenitic tasks that allow them to create and share with the world. Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation. The link below will take you to a video of one of his speaches about creativity and the changes that need to be made in edcucation. I hope you enjoy it.

Sir Ken Robinson- Creativity

Engaging Students With Technology

One of the biggest problems in schools today is that students are not engaged. Integrating technology in student centered project based learning enviroments allows students to be creative and produce something meaningful. Research has shown students are more likely to be engaged in meaningful learning when they are able produce and share their own learning artifacts.

Educational and social theorist David Gauntlett believes that when students are able to make and share with others their engagment and pride in their work increases. Students are generally more engaged when they are presented with meaningful work that connects them to to others socially. Gauntlett believes digital technologies will help shift out learning enviroments from a "sit down and be told" to a "making and doing" culture.

YouTube Video- David Gauntlett- Making is Connecting

Movie Maker as an Instructional Tool

Why use digital techologies like Movie Maker in the classroom? Its free, its easy, and some of your students are probably already using it. Movie Maker provides students with tools that will engage and enable them to create and share interesting multimedia projects. Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge in a subject area in an fun creative way, and, share it with the world. By using these techologies students will not only learn about content knowledge, they will be learning 21st century skills that will help them in the future.

Here are a few ideas for using Movie Maker in the classroom:

  • Document historical events such as Holocaust, global conflicts, westward expansion, etc.
  • Describe weather, biomes, animals, famous people, ancient civilizations, planets, etc
  • Creating video biography's
  • Creating poetry ideos or Poetry interpretation
  • Public service announcements
  • Describe science concepts
  • Produce a mystery movie
  • Describe algebraic or geometric concept
  • Document science labs
  • Video essays
  • Connecting past to present
  • Demonstration of manipulatives


The best part of movie making is sharing your work. Student made movies can be uploaded to sites like Youtube and SchoolTube for the world to see:

  • For examples of what students can accomplish you can browse SchoolTube for student made videos here


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