Module 4 - Content Synergy


In this Module we are going to start presenting ways to use the content we have collected. Use the research you have done and your imagination to find fun ways to engage your students! I'll provide a few examples in this module.

Module Goals:

Learn to create an online jigsaw puzzle.

Learn how to create Coloring Book Pages.

Learn how to create a Children's Book.

Review some Higher Grade Activity Suggestions.

How to create an Online Jigsaw Puzzle

I useg the photo at the top of this page to create an online jigsaw puzzle. This will work with a PC, Ipad, or Promethean Board. Give it a try and then I'll show you how to do it. It has some features that students will love and it is free.

Schoolhouse # 4 Zigsaw Puzzle

Now let's make another one. I placed a picture of Schoolhouse # 3 below. Let's use this image to create the next puzzle, but first, try the puzzle using this link:

Schoolhouse # 3 Jigsaw Puzzle

Schoolhouse # 3 by Ed Pomeroy Nanticoke Valley Historical Society Collection

Now that we have an image on our webpage we can use it to create the Jigsaw Puzzle. I'll walk you through the process in the video below, but you may want to explore the site I used a bit more. You can do so at:

Watch the video below to see how to create the puzzle

How to Create a Simple Coloring Book Page

As you look through your source documents you will find many pictures or images that you can use to reifoce the Power of Place. A great way to have younger students focus on a site is to introduce it (or strengthen your lesson about it) is to make a coloring book page. You can find a lot of resources on the web that will help you make one, but here is a super simple free app offered by Crayola. Please watch the video below to see how quickly this can be accomplished.

Here's the original image and the coloring book page:

Pitchers Mill
Pitchers Mill Coloring Book Page

Putting it All Together .gif

Putting it all together

In wrapping up this course I want to show a project that used all steps within the course on some larger project. This video explains how I use the disciplines we discussed to create a children's book that infuses all the hooks and points I wanted to make about life in a One Room Schoolhouse in our town.


Now it's time for you start putting together your project. Based on your Google Form Submission in Module # 3, we would all like to see the fruits of your labor.

Email me at and send me a link to your final project or share it with me on Google Drive. We can talk about how to best share your work if you are interested.

Thanks for taking the course!

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