Module 4: Classroom Blueprints


Module 4: Classroom Blueprints

  • During this module we will be taking a look at different classroom environments that you may come upon today. You will take notice of correct classroom setups and even some not so great setups. While viewing, reading and taking your own experiences into consideration, you will pay close attention to the small details, use of equipment, layout, visuals, safety precautions and toys that are used throughout the classrooms. You will work together with your classmates to find meaning and dissect these rooms using the knowledge we have learned in our previous modules.

Module 4 Objectives:

  • Learners will see different classroom environment set-ups and different equipment to create different learning environments throughout the classroom.


Lesson 4: Let’s start with the Blueprints (link)



Picture of Blueprint [File:Blueprint.jpg] Image courtesy of blueprint.jpg