Module 2:Understanding Autism and their Needs and Risks


Module 2: Understanding Autism Their Needs and Risks

In the second module, you will walk in the shoes of a student with Autism. Understand the varieties of Autism, what different students may feel, hear, and see. How they may react to different situations, their needs and how they learn and even the safety risks you could encounter in your classroom settings. We will be observing and researching this common disability and discuss how each student can adapt to classroom environments, while keeping in mind the risks that a classroom environment may have and the safety precautions to take to ensure safety to you, your staff and students.

Module 2 Objectives:

  • Learners will briefly discuss the definition of Autism, and will then indicate the support and the needs of these students.
  • Learners will distinguish how to identify and reduce risks in student and staff classrooms.

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Lesson 2: Understanding Autism while Creating a Safe Classroom (link)


Adapting and Modifying a Classroom Environment for Children with Autism




Graphic of Walking for Autism [File:walk.jpg] Image courtesy of RcA6xpKXi.jpeg