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Onepaw.gif Introduction

Welcome to my professional development lesson, Creating a WebQuest. Designed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March at San Diego State University in 1995, a WebQuest is an inquiry-based activity in which the information the learner interacts with comes from resources from the Internet. In a WebQuest students learn to work in a collaborative environment and become responsible for their own learning--and they use technology to complete a task. There are five components used to help teachers design a WebQuest: Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, and Conclusion.

Onepaw.gif Performance Objectives

  • After completing this course the learners should be able to:
  • Choose resources from the Internet to use in a WebQuest
  • Create a WebQuest for your content area
  • Develop plan to implement WebQuest learning in the classroom

Onepaw.gif Learner Analysis

  • Educators in Middle School (with modifications could be used in early High School grades).
  • Educators interested in inquiry-based learning activities.
  • Educators with limited technology skills.
  • Those with limited or no WebQuest experience.

Onepaw.gifNeeds Assessment

  • I could create a survey to find out the amount of experience the educators have with creating a WebQuest or implementing one in the classroom.
  • In addition, to how many of them include their pets in their emergency evacuation plan at home and in their school (if they have pets in the classroom).

Onepaw.gifCurriculum Map

File:Etap 623 Design Project Curriculum Map.doc

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