Mini-course Wrap-up


Mini-Course Purpose

Athletics is often put before academics for a student athlete at the high school and especially collegiate level. Whether it's their desire, pressure from parents, pressure from coaches, or pressure from the community, an emphasis is often placed on athletics rather than academics. These individuals and the community, with the help from educators and advisors, need to understand they're "student-athletes" not "athlete- students". Injuries and the demand of the sport play a factor on school performance. Often these students begin to feel pressure, and academics are affected negatively. In order to put the emphasis back into academics for the student-athlete, educators must want to address this problem, and understand it. "Athletic success requires individual work hard, self-disciplined, exhibit persever ance and determination, able concentrate, stay focused, and so forth." (Simons, Van Rheenen & Covington, 1999). If the student-athlete can have this type of dedication on the field and court, why not the classroom?

Topics Discussed

  • How to approach the student-athlete
  • Mental health and the student athlete
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation for a student-athlete
  • Learner-centeredness
  • Task oriented goal setting
  • Feedback


After completing this course can you confidently:

  • Identify at risk student-athletes
  • Recognize the need to address student-athletes differently
  • Define motivation
  • Identify a learner-centered environment
  • Implement task oriented goal-setting and feedback
  • Deliver course content in a way that compliments the student-athlete's needs
♦ Has this course changed the way you view your student athletes?
♦ Do you feel this course demonstrated effective strategies to address student athletes that struggle?


I welcome any and all feedback or questions you may have regarding this course. I can be reached at

Thank you for your participation, and I hope you enjoyed my first ever course!

Mini-course: Encouraging Student-Athletes' Academic Success

Portfolio: Stephanie Cerniglia

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