Mini-course Summary

Mini-course: Building Academic Language for ELLs in Content Classrooms
Congratulations for completing Stage 1 of this mini-course!
As an educator who challenges oneself for professional growth, you are the best model for your students as a relentless learner.

After completing stage 1 of this mini-course, you have accomplished the following:

  • Understand the importance of incorporating language objective and language/ literacy strategies in lessons.
  • Remember state mandates related to classroom instruction and test accommodations for ELLs.
  • Analyze and interpret basic ELL data for instructional purposes.
  • Implement bilingual protocol for instruction (bilingual content teachers).
  • Define academic language and the four academic language demands.
  • Write language objectives for content lessons.

Looking Ahead~~

For Stage 2 (under-construction) of the mini-course, we will take on more advanced learning and explore the following:

  • What are some useful strategies for building academic language for ELLs in the content classrooms?
  • How do we incorporate academic language building strategies in our lessons?
  • How do we evaluate academic language building features in lessons?

Please visit the mini-course again in August 2018 to take the advanced lessons of the course.

See you again soon!

Grace Yu
Author of this mini-course
December 17, 2017

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Mini-course Summary

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