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My design project is going to be about inquiry based learning (webquests). I want to create a lesson about webquests, what they are, how they are used and why teachers should use them. I myself have never used a webquest in my classroom, but have seen them before and created one for a previous class I took. My hope is to create this lesson on the basics of webquests in hopes that a teacher who does not know what webquests are or has never used one in their classroom would incorporate them into their classroom after going through my project.

Learner Analysis

  • K-12 teacher
  • Technology background does not matter
  • Has never heard of a webquest or has never done one in their classroom

Needs Assessment

  • I could create a survey for teachers to take to find out what grade level and subject they teacher. What their technology background is and whether or not they know what a webquest is and if they have ever used one before in their classroom. However, right now my thought on my project is to create a lesson for teachers who are either not familar at all with webquests or teachers who have heard of webquests but have never used them or even looked into using them. My hope is that a teacher like that would go through my lesson and at the end feel more comfotable when it came to technolgy and webquests and even be willing to try one out with their students.

Performance Objectives

After completing this mini lesson, students will be able to:

  1. State what a webquest is.
  2. Create a webquest for their specific content area.
  3. Implement and facilitate the webquest they created in their classroom.
  4. Begin to adopt inquiry-based learning through the use of the internet into their classroom.

Curriculum Map

File:Instructional Curriculum Map.doc


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