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About Me

Hello everyone! I have been teaching since 2012 for grades 5-8. I began working in a Catholic school in Queens, NY as a 6th grade ELA, Science, and Religion teacher. I was overwhelmed by having to teach three different subjects, but it has made me a stronger teacher and planner over time. I taught in a Catholic school for three years. Once I became dual certified in ELA/TESOL, then I got a teaching job in the same public middle school that I went to as a kid! It was great to be co-teaching with some of my old teachers that were still there. I taught 6th and 7th grade ELA/ENL and ICT. Because of working with so many different levels, all at the same time, I had to find ways to differentiate and provide rigor all at once. It was very tough, but I learned so much, and most of what I learned there, has led me down the path to finding passion in curriculum development. I have had so many experiences and jumps from one school to another, but I have learned so much from all these changes.

Currently, I work in the Lower Hudson Valley as a 6th and 7th grade ENL teacher for the Transitioning and Expanding ENL students. Since my certifications are in both ELA and ENL, most of my lessons are ELA focused with an emphasis on techniques to help my students pass the NYSESLAT. Ideally, I would love to help teachers create an interdisciplinary curriculum that is aligned with common themes/skills across the board. Since we have many ENL students, I would like to guide teachers on how to make simple accommodations for their needs. I am taking this course because I know that technology in education is on the rise, and I would like to bring new tools and ideas learned from this course to my school.