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Welcome to the course knowledge base. You will be collaborating with your peers as you work through each module to build an inventory of accessibility resources and "communities" to tap into whenever you need guidance creating/including digital content in your own class. Use the items that have been entered already as a reference for how to format your own entries to the page.

Expert Communities

Name of Community: Accessibility in Higher Education
Platform: Google+
Link: Accessibility in Higher Education
Description: This Google+ community is led by the Assistive Technology Coordinator at East Stroudsburg University and includes 33 followers. The space is mostly used for sharing relevant articles - there does not appear to be much discussion.

Name of Community: Think Inclusive (@think_inclusive)
Platform: Twitter
Link: Think Inclusive
Description: This is the official Twitter account of the Think Inclusive blog. They post and retweet a variety of articles relating to inclusive design in schools and communities.

Media Creation Resources




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