Mathematical Literacy: Teaching with, developing, and utilizing Math Journals


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ETAP 623 Fall 2012

Welcome to Mathematical Literacy!

Through this mini-course, I hope that you will begin to view Mathematics in a new light! Far too often, Math, for students, is presented as a "you get it" or "you don't." There is an over-emphasis on automaticity in the process and knowledge of algorithms. When, what students really need, is a balance of automaticity, fluency, and understanding. Mathematical Literacy is just one attempt at encouraging students to develop a 'voice' in their study of Mathematics. By adding both the written component and speaking components, students can become literate in Mathematical talk. I hope that by the end of this mini-course you can add just one more tool to your belt, while also developing an interest in Mathematical Literacy as well.

Learning Outcomes

  • The learner will become familiar with the discussion of Mathematical Literacy.
  • The learner will develop a rationale for the development of Mathematical LIteracy.
  • The learner will distinguish the important component and uses of Student Math Journals.
  • The learner will evaluate the usages of Student Math Journals for student success and guiding teacher instruction.

Unit 1: Defining Mathematical Literacy

Target Objective: Given a question about grade level mathematics instruction, the learner will state the characteristics of good mathematical practice in writing

Unit 2: Understanding the Importance of Mathematical Literacy

Target Objective: When asked to explain the importance of mathematical literacy, the learner will classify math literacy, in writing, by describing the types of mathematical tasks and assessments.

Unit 3: Developing Math Journals for Students

Target Objective: Given a question about mathematical literacy, the learner will generate ideas about the development of math journals as a form of math literacy in writing.

Unit 4: Utilizing Math Journals for Student Success

Target Objective: Given a set of questions about math journals and math literacy, the learner will generate ideas about the utilization of math journals in informing instruction, in writing, including a supporting rationale for the importance.