MU Needs Analysis Notes


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  • Summarize your instructional problem
    • Confirm instructional problem: Teachers do not have accurate perception of PBL.
    • Describe major issues that characterize the problem: Inaccurate perception of PBL. Resistance to change.
    • Cite the sources of information: Online survey and anecdotal information.
  • Describe your instructional solution: brief, online course
    • List features addressing learning task or content
    • Include a learner profile: classroom teachers
    • Include a context analysis

  • Identify major goals that address the problem.
    • Identify and prioritize goals.

  • Discover
    • I will be asking participants to learn new knowledge and a new way of thinking about teaching and learning. Project based learning is a real paradigm shift and the course needs to clarify the cognitive and educational theories that underly it.
  • Learn
    • The initial survey confirmed the need. An additional survey at the beginning of the course could help clarify what prior knowledge the participants bring to the course.
  • Understand
    • To my mind the instructional context of this is online, at the participants speed. The course itself will be VERY BRIEF as I want it to be a very positive experience. There is no pressure because the outcomes are not a product as much as a change in attitude.
  • Explore
    • Has this issue been addressed before via professional development? No. Some teachers in my district were thrown into developing projects on their own but had no formal training.
  • Generate