MU Intent Notes


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The format of the Statement of Intent is based on information from Mastering the Possibilities: A Process Approach to Instructional Design by R. Neal Shambaugh

  • Instructional problems
  1. Teachers think that if they are having their class do "projects", they are doing PBL
  2. Once teachers understand the true nature of PBL, they are overwhelmed by the task of creating a meaningful project

  • Intended setting
    • The course has been developed as a fully online course with a follow-up meeting for discussion.

  • Participants
    • Participants are teachers in any grade level

  • Intended change
    • Following the course, participants will choose to learn more about PBL as evidenced by pursuing additional training.

  • Supporting details

Check for:

  1. Clear statement of project purpose
  2. Clear delineation of target audience
  3. Clear delineation of time length
  4. Clearn description of content