MODULE 1: What is Guided Reading?



Lesson 1: A closer look at Guided Reading

We are going to try to have a better understanding of guided reading. This lesson will help us understand what it should look like and what do we need to know and do before we get started.

In your Learning Log, write down in a KWL chart what you know about Guided Reading. Also fill out what you want to learn in this course in the middle column. Do not fill out the third column. After that, read the articles and watch the video.

Article 1 - Scholastic

Article 2 - Fountas & Pinnell

First Grade Guided Reading Video - 1

After reading and watching the video, go back to your learning log and write down what you have learned about guided reading after the activity.

Guided Reading is a small group instruction that is designed to differentiate teaching to help students learn specifically what they need to succeed in reading.

Lesson 2: Guided Reading Levels

Before you can start guided reading in your class, you should be able to identify your students' reading levels. Giving assessments to identify their reading level will help you understand their reading behaviors and will be able to identify how they can improve comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.

There are many systems out there that can be used to identify reading levels. Some of them are DRA (Developmental Reading Assessments) and Fountas and Pinnell. If your school does not have these systems, you can use a book that has an identified reading level and let your student read the book. Use the five finger rule to identify if the book is just right for them. If the book is just right, that is the right book for them, and whatever the reading level of the book is that would be their reading level.

Five Finger Rule.png
Guided Reading Level F&P.png
Guided Reading Correlation Chart.png

Lesson 3: Guided Reading Phases

To better understand the guided reading process, this course will help you get organized in planning by identifying three phases in guided reading.

a. Before reading

This is when you go over the text that the students will read. Typically this is also when there is a mini lesson on a strategy that the students are working on. This phase is strategic as the students learns what target skill they need to work on. Usually this strategy is used in reading the text assigned.

b. During reading

Students read the books while teachers watch, listen and guide closely.

c. After reading

Students and teachers talk about the text that was read.


After this module, submit in a google document a reflection of this module. Think about the following:

How do you think guided reading will help students?

Why do we need to identify the reading level?