Lesson Five: Self-reflection

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Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants of this course will be able to reflect on how the development of their lesson plan went and if they can, how their students received the lesson. Participants will analyze the outcome of their personal media consumption records.

Here is a link to a reflection page that can be shared with others in this course. Reflection of Lesson Plan

Media Consumption Recorder Analysis and Reflection

This portion of the mini-course is for you and you only. Once you have completed 5 days of tracking your media consumption which could be recorded here Media Consumption Recorder Sheet take some time to analyze how much media you actually take in each day.

Ask yourself some of the following question:

  • Were you surprised by how much you consumed media?
  • What type of media did you consume the most?
  • What kind of media do you think you wish you used more often and which kind do you with you used less?
  • How do you think this record sheet would have looked if you completed it when you were 12 years old verse how it looks now?
  • What kind of media do you plan to use more of in the future and why?

Thank you

Thank you very much for using my mini-course. I hope that you not only learned how to incorporate media literacy education in to your curriculum, but also how media impacts your daily life.


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