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In this mini-course, we have differentiated between knowledge and understanding, extracted examples of generative topics out of the NYS Social Studies Core Curriculum, and have examined and developed effective social studies teaching strategies that promote student understanding. Now we have to do one more thing: put it all together! The final phase of this mini-course is to demonstrate your understanding of the information examined and discussed throughout the previous three units by developing a full lesson plan which utilizes effective teaching strategies that foster understanding within the content area of social studies. This final task is no different than any other lesson planning you have done in the past, but one major component of this task will be your analysis of the strategies that you have chosen to incorporate, and reflection on the overall effectiveness of the design in regards to supporting understanding. Everything you've done thus far in this mini-course will be incorporated in this final task.


  • generate a complete lesson plan to demonstrate your understanding of effective teaching strategies


Using the information examined in the previous units, develop a lesson plan that demonstrates your understanding of the instructional components that support the development of understanding in student learning. You must specifically design your lesson around the instructional strategies that promote understanding. I have listed the steps you should take in developing your lesson as follows:

  • First, select a course from the New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum for your lesson.
  • Next, based on the course you have chosen, select a generative topic within this course.
  • Then, select at minimum two (2) social studies instructional strategies that have been presented in this mini-course to be included in your lesson plan. You may choose from the strategies you've already established, or you may choose new strategies.
  • Once you have completed these tasks, begin developing your lesson. Your lesson should include the following components:
    • Lesson Title
    • Purpose
    • Objectives
    • Relevant New York State Learning Standards, Key Ideas, and Performance Indicators addressed
    • Target Audience
    • Instructional Procedures (introduction/anticipatory set/bell ringer, modeling, activities, checks for understanding, accommodations, etc.)
    • Materials
    • Assessment

(Also, please include the name of the course and where your topic can be located in the NYS Social Studies Core Curriculum.)

After you have completed the development of your lesson plan, you are to compose a written analysis and reflection on how the lesson targeted the promotion of understanding in student learning. In this analysis, you should again highlight the instructional strategies that foster understanding, explain their purpose, and how the strategies specifically promote student understanding.

  • Remember, be creative and have some fun with this! The more fun you have, the more fun your students are likely to have!
  • Visit our discussion space to present ideas about the development of your lesson plan, or general lesson planning information. Talk with your peers, bounce ideas off of them to get their feedback. Take the opportunity to learn with one another.

If you are unfamiliar with basic lesson plan formats, or wish to look for a new format more conducive to your liking, I have provided valuable links below that will assist you in either circumstance. Some of these also have internal and external links to other resources pertaining to lesson planning so look around. Also, I have uploaded a document that is a blank lesson plan format that you are more than welcome to use or modify.


NCRTEC Lesson Planner

Questions to Ask and Answer When Gathering Information For Lesson Plans

File:Lesson Plan Temp.doc


Clarke, B. (2010). Questions to ask and answer when gathering information for lesson plans. Retrieved from SUNY Geneseo, Teacher Education Resource Center Web site: http://www.geneseo.edu/~terc/lessonplanningrev.html

North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium. (2001). NCRTEC lesson planner. Retrieved November 30, 2010, from http://www.ncrtec.org/tl/lp/


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