Lesson 3: OER resources


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Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this lesson you will have created an Open Educational Resource and post the resource to a repository with the Creative Commons License of your choice

In this lesson, you will:

  • Create or use existing material as an Open Educational Resource
  • Explore the Creative Commons Licensing site and assign your work a license of your choice
  • Post your OER material to a repository


As you explored in Lesson 2, Open Educational Resources are not limited to textbooks. Resources include Powerpoints, lesson plans, activities, labs, worksheets, etc., that you create and use in your classroom to enhance student learning and understanding. As educators, we are continually creating activities that meet the changing need of our 21st students. Sharing these creations with the educational community allows all students equal access to education. Please watch the video below that discusses designing Open Educational Resources.


Selecting a license for your original piece of work is easy. Review the different types of licenses at the Creative Commons website. Once you select the license that is appropriate for your needs, watch the video below to see how you apply this license to your document:


Learning Activities

1. Select or design an activity, lesson, or video that you would like to share as an Open Educational Resource

  • List the subject and explain the target audience of the resource you selected.
  • What type of resource are you sharing?
  • How does this resource enhance learning of the specific subject?

Post this information on a Google Presentation Slide by clicking here.

2. Select the appropriate license for your work

  • Read about the different licenses here: Types of CC licenses and decide which license you would like to select for your work
  • Go to the Creative Commons Website and select your license by following the steps: https://creativecommons.org/choose/
  • Add your license to your work and share you assignment with your classmates using Google Docs.

Share your email with classmates here

3. Post your OER to the repository

  • Create an account at OER Commons
  • Post your assignment/activity
  • Share your URL with the class in the link below

Share published URL


Look at your own work and your classmates’ OER. After this experience, do you think OER materials are a good replacement for traditional published educational materials? Why or why not. Do you think you will incorporate or create more OER in the implementation of curriculum in the future? Explain.

Post your reflection here.

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