Lesson 3: How do you verify and apply accessibility practices?



Upon completion of this lesson, participants will:
1. Demonstrate accessibility practices, by reviewing an existing lesson and making changes where accessibility guidelines are not met. Learners will also create a new lesson for online learners, by using the accessibility guidelines learned in the previous module.

Module 1: Review of an existing lesson

1. Select an existing lesson you created this past school year.
(Note: This lesson can be a simple video, document, table, etc. If you don't have an existing lesson to choose from you may use one of the inaccessible documents given on the home page.)
2. Create a new wiki page with this lesson attached.
3. Post a link to the lesson in the discussion forum.
4. Identify accessibility errors. Highlight these areas in your lesson.
(Note: If you believe your lesson and instructional materials are completely accessible, state that in your discussion and move to Module 2, which is the final project.)
5. Make corrections to the existing lesson and evaluate what you need to do differently in the future.
6. Respond to one other classmates evaluation and give feedback to their corrections.

Module 2: Final Project

1. Identify what lesson materials you are likely to use in this school years courses. (PowerPoint, pdf, video, audio, tables, charts, course management sites, books etc.)

2. Create a plan to make such materials accessible using the resources provided in this course. You may want to use the links on the home page as a reference when creating and selecting your course materials.

3. When your plan is complete post a link to your wiki page in the discussion forum.


Course Home Page: Creating Accessible Online Learning Materials, Focusing on Accessibility
Lesson 1: What is accessibility and why does it matter?
Lesson 2: How do you make course content accessible?


For a reference, below is a link to the FACT2 Accessibility Page Glossary of Terms. This may come in handy along your journey in this class and thereafter.