Lesson 3: Grading and Late Homework


Unit 1 Lesson 3: Grading and Late Homework>

Objective: Participants will be able to identify appropriate practices through the lens of homework assignments.


1. View




2. Discuss

What messages do these images attempt to convey about homework for students in lower grades? Respond to at least two peers in the discussion thread.

3. Read:

Two Opinions: Should Homework be Graded for Accuracy?

Methods for Managing Late Work

4. Reflection:

Reflect on the following questions in a notebook or journal. You will continue to reflect on concepts throughout the course, so keep the notebook on hand!

  • What are your expectations for students in terms of responsibility?
  • Is it appropriate to expect students under the age of 10 to have full control of work done at home?
  • What daily hurdles do you notice for students in terms of homework?

5. Extra Resources



Lee, L. (2019, September 27). Methods for Managing Late Work. Edutopia. https://www.edutopia.org/article/methods-managing-late-work

Schneider, M. & Ryan, P. (2020, October 7). Two opinions: Should homework be graded for accuracy. The Falcon. https://fssfalcon.org/3283/opinion/two-opinions-should-homework-be-graded/

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