Lesson 3.1: Math


Note to the Learner:

This page could go on forever when it comes to items you can add for math. The possibilities are vast when it comes to the topics covered in math from grades K-6. Through interviewing many lower level elementary teachers (Pre-K-3) it seemed as if a great deal of the material they were presented was only applicable to teachers in older grades. These manipulatives are for those lower level elementary teachers, but of course, can also be used at higher levels.

Why does this matter?

Math is concrete. 2 + 2 = 4, always. Math can also be difficult for some lower level elementary learners. Why do some students use their fingers to make calculations? Or draw pictures? Visuals are crucial when it comes to building up confidence for lower level elementary students in mathematics. These tools will be helpful to create interactive lessons in which students can come to the board, move things around, and watch computations happen before their learning eyes.


To make a ten-frame, along with red and yellow counters for your Kindergarten math students:

1) Use your training from Lesson 2.2 to create a 5x5 table in SMART Notebook.

2) Click the small black arrow all the way on the upper right-hand corner of the table. Locate "Adjust Size" and then "Make Cells Square.

3) You should be familiar with how to make shapes. Click on the "Shapes" button and find the circle. Before doing anything else, be sure to click on the color palette and change "Fill Color" to red. The color can be adjusted at your own discretion, as well as the outline color.

4) Click in the middle of the first box in your table, and make a circle out of it. If it's not big enough/small enough, have no fear!

5) Travel back to the top where the tool bar with the shape was, and click the arrow. Drag your new circle into another box, and notice how it takes form so it's a perfect size!

6) You'll notice the circle pasted itself without you even doing anything! Repeat this procedure until all the boxes are filled.

You Try:

Watch the YouTube video here of a video screen capture of this procedure (after step 2) and see if your ten frame looks the same as mine!


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