Lesson 2 - Working with Google Slides


How Can We Use Google Slides in Daily Lessons?

Video: Google Slides Tutorial

Google Slides shares many similarities with PowerPoint and Smart Notebook. As many schools are now using SmartBoards in place of traditional chalkboards, a slideshow is an excellent way to present a lesson to students. The benefit of using Google Slides is that, through Google Drive, students can also have access to these slides.

You can share your Google Slide presentation with your students using the same method as a Google Doc.

Sample Lesson Project - Presentation

Now that you have seen how to use Google Slides, you will create your presentation about your selected artist(s).

You are to utilize everything you have learned in this course to aid you in making your slideshow presentation. Your project should include facts about the artist(s), some trivia information, pictures, and appropriately selected music. You are encouraged to be creative.