Lesson 2 - Dance Revolution


What's Happening in History?

  • 1980 - At the final hockey match of the Olympic games, the US team beat the USSR team at Lake Placid, NY
  • January 1986 - The Challenger explodes, shocking the nation during the televised event
  • 1989 - The Berlin Wall is torn down


  • Electronic Music
  • Techno
  • Dance Music
  • Rap
  • Boy Band
  • Compact Disc

Music in the 1980s

The music of the 80s was noted for it's use of digital recordings. Different variations of Electronic music emerged as a result, including techno, as a result. R&B and Hip-Hop thrived with people living in the inner-city areas. Even as disco began faded from popularity, dance music was still in high demand, and new artists answered the call. New trends in music developed as the first Rap album was recorded. Rock continued to flourish, and the world of Pop was introduced to the Boy Band, a concept that would remain prevalent throughout the next decade. Record players became a thing of the past with the introduction of the compact disc and C.D. players in 1987.

Artists of the 80s



Discussion Question: In 2010, the digital broadcaster Music Choice surveyed eleven thousand Europeans. The results of this survey stated that the music of the 80s were the more preferred than any other decade. Why do you think this is? What factors might play a role in these results?

Lesson Quiz: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cwAiC6gRD78urtqlzQc60HcmMgMstfQHo54QAjC7fyE/edit