Lesson 2: What is your top character strength?



Given the VIA survey, learners will identify their top three character strengths and explain how they can relate the them.



The Positivity Project, as we now know, focuses its lessons on 24 character strengths. The idea is help students understand that everyone has all 24 of these strengths, but shows them in varying degrees. What is a top strength for one student may be a lower strength for another student and that's okay! We want to recognize students for the strengths they do have and help them understand that other people with different strengths matter too. In this module, you will have an opportunity to take the VIA survey developed by Dr. Martin Seligman who played a big role in the study of Positive Psychology. The survey is designed to rank your strengths 1 to 24 and to help you understand your core characteristics. Please follow the "To Do" list below as you work through Module 2, Lesson 2.

To Do

Explore- take the VIA survey and record your top three character strengths.

  • Use this link to access the survey: https://www.viacharacter.org/www/character-strengths-survey
  • Once you are in the website, click "Take the Free VIA Survey"
  • You will need to register, and the survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • When you are finished be sure to record your top three strengths

Discuss - Respond to questions in your own post then comment on at least one of your peers threads.

Discussion Questions

Review and respond to at least one of your peers. :

  1. List your top three character strengths according to the VIA survey.
  2. Do you think they are accurate? Why or why not?

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P2 Notebook.jpg

Use your personal journal to reflect on what you have learned so far. These reflections in each lesson will help in working towards the final project in Module 3:

  • What did you think of the survey? Did it help you understand how it can be important to identify your strengths?
  • Can you add to anything else you like about the Positivity Project?



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