Lesson 2: Teachers' Perspectives



Learners will understand teachers' perspectives on modalities


It is now time to switch gears and be a teacher again. Change your mindset from that of a student to that of a teacher. As a teacher planning lessons, it is important to focus on the content, learning objectives, and your students.

Teacher Perspectives

As we mentioned earlier, teachers have a tendency to use the modality which is their strength the majority of the time. Different preparations are required for the different modalities, and also different amounts of time to achieve content mastery. There are some content areas that lend themselves more easily to each of the different modalities. Many teachers struggle to differentiate in math, as opposed to history or english, however, by using some creativity, you can easily integrate each of the modalities in your instruction.

A point that is important to keep in mind when differentiating instruction is that every lesson does not need to include every modality. It is more realistic to have a goal of integrating each modality into each unit of study. This way, the course content over a few weeks is being differentiated and optimized for each learning style.

In an Educational Leadership article, Howard Gardner himself explains that it is not a good idea to develop instruction or group students for instruction based on eight or nine intelligences. He continues to explain that Multiple Intelligences was developed as a way to explain how the brain works. It was not meant to expand the teacher's job, but to simply state that since there are so many different intelligences, a single IQ number is not sufficient for assessing students' intelligence.

What does it look like?

Below is a video from The Teaching Channel which illustrates a teacher achieving the same learning objective using different learning modalities.



Think about the lessons you have taught during the last two weeks. The purpose of this reflection is to survey your current use of learning modalities. If you are not currently teaching, think of a two week unit that you have taught for the purposes of this activity. During these two week, what learning modalities have you integrated into your lessons? Have you had any days where more than one modality was highlighted? Are there times when you give students a choice which encourages them to use a preferred learning modality? How often are you using your personal preferred modality? Use the discussion tab to flesh out your ideas.


Use the discussion tab to discuss how do you think teachers should integrate different modalities into their instruction.

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