Lesson 2: Reteaching


Lesson 2: How to reteach using audio learning based on assessments


Students will give examples of how they can use both auditory and other teaching styles to re-teach the same material


You have created an online learning experience. You have assessed the students' mastery of learning objectives. Now what? What can you do with your assessment data?

Here is one teacher's method for assessment. She uses exit cards so she knows everyday exactly what her students need tomorrow.

Channel Exit Ticket Videos

Now is the time to assess how many of your students were able to master the learning objectives while learning using an audio format. If the students were able to meet your objectives, congratulations! You have found that a good number of your students are auditory learners. If not, it is time to make sure that when you implement auditory learning experiences, there are ample ancillary materials so that the students are able to follow along. Perhaps the students are able to learn in an auditory format but need to have it in smaller chunks?

Reflection and Discussion

Moving forward, how will you implement auditory learning in your classroom instruction?

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