Lesson 2: Benefits of Project-Based Learning

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  • The participant will list the benefits of project-based learning
  • The participant will evaluate the benefits of project-based learning through real-life examples
  • The participant will reflect on why they want to include project-based learning in their classroom

Pre Assessment

Now that you know the difference between a "dessert" project and project-based learning..
think of a time you have seen PBL in action...
  • What was happening in the classroom?
  • What were the students doing?
  • What was the teacher doing?
  • How did the project further the knowledge of the students?

Add your thoughts to the jamboard here

Benefits of PBL

1. Increased motivation because students "own the questions" and spend more time working on projects outside of school
2. Increased autonomy as students become more responsible and self-directed learners
3. Increased achievement as students practice higher levels of thinking through direct application of factual knowledge in making interpretations, conclusions, and critical judgments (Fleming, 2002)
4. Class attendance increases.
5. Promotes intrinsic motivation
6. Students are encouraged to spend more time studying.
7. PBL promotes cross-disciplinary lesson plans.
8. Students develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills

The following video will discuss the benefits of PBL further

Think & Reflect

  • After watching that video, were you able to see the benefits of PBL?
  • What are some things you want to keep in mind as you are preparing to implement PBL in your classroom?
  • What are you hoping to get out of implementing PBL? Record your answers here

PBL in Action

  • Explore this website and read about 3 examples of PBL in action
  • These projects create authentic experiences for the students and promote collaboration and student-centered learning


Were you able to find the following steps in the projects?

1. A Challenging Problem or Question
2. Sustained Inquiry
3. Authenticity
4. Student Voice and Choice
5. Reflection
6. Critique and Revision
7. Public Product

If not how could you fit those steps into their project process?

Record how you think these projects improved the learning experience



Discover what PBL looks like in a music classroom

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