Lesson 2.2: Miscellaneous


Note to the Learner:

This lesson is dedicated to items that can be used within SMART Notebook. A few random points will be covered, along with a personal favorite, which is Jeopardy. Use these items just to "Wow" your students with your knowledge of SMART Notebook and technology in general.

Why does this matter?

One of the large draws of having all this technology in your classroom is how...cool it can be! Elementary students love coming to the board to manipulate, to write, and just to be up in front of the class. These items are broken down into sections. Some are suggestions, interesting games that you can use to integrate learning into your classroom all while having fun. It's nice to take a break from the technical stuff and have a good time with what your board can do and the differentiation it can provide in the class.


Within SMART Notebook

1) To pull the shade down on a lesson, go to "View" followed by "Screen Shade." This allows you to create a big, dramatic "reveal of the material" behind the shade. Students love the suspense!

2) To insert a table, go to "Insert" then "Table." When the "Insert Table" screen pops up, edit your rows and columns accordingly. This is an easy way to make a frame, a graph, a tally chart. Let your imagine run wild.

3)On the top of screen, there is a toolbar to the right with an arrow in the upper left-hand corner. To the right of that, there is a square and a circle. Click this button to make shapes. This is useful because instead of trying to draw a perfect circle, it does it for you.

4) Speaking of attempting shapes with your pen, on this same toolbar, click on the pens below the arrow. A new toolbar opens to the right. You should click on the pen with the square around it. Travel down to "Shape Recognition Pen." After drawing a shape, this pen will correct it based on what it thinks you were attempting!

Useful External Links

1) There are many downloadable Jeopardy templates online. These templates are easy to use, and allow you to enter your own questions. For upper elementary teachers, these games work great for reviewing for a test, in any subject you wish. This link takes you to a page with free, downloadable SMART Notebook Jeopardy templates. https://www.sampletemplates.com/business-templates/smartboard-jeopardy-template.html

2) When playing educational games, sometimes it would be necessary to have a bell or a buzzer for 2 students at a time who are answering a question. This SMART Board buzzer website allows for two different students to stand at the board at the same time, and push the buzzer when they have an answer to the question. You can use this buzzer for friendly, competitive games and have students go head-to-head. http://www.teacherled.com/resources/quiz/quizload.html

3) SMART Exchange is a database in which teachers and all professionals can share lessons they have created in SMART Notebook. Some lessons are downloadable for free, others require a membership to SMART Exchange. For those of you who want to investigate further, take a look at the link and see if there is anything you find to be worth it. http://exchange.smarttech.com/#tab=0

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