Lesson 1: What is the difference between a Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset?


Lesson 1: What is the difference between a Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset?

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Learners will identify the two types of mindsets and will know how to differentiate between the two.


Do you think that you you are born smart or do you think it's reserved for a few? Do you think that people are born lucky and some unlucky? Do you think you have the ability to learn new things?

Before you begin your journey, take this quiz by opening another window to assess your mindset. When you find out your mindset, come back to this page.

In order to get the most out of this lesson about mindsets, you have to start with learning about your brain like what it does and how it works. Your mindset is described as the attitudes and belief held by someone. After completing the lesson, learners will describe the physiological factors of the brain. You will proceed to what the difference is between a Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset.

Please print and use the Mindset Graphic Organizer to write down the difference between both mindsets. GraphicOrganizer

Action Plan

  • Watch This video to get a lesson on the Make up of the Brain. and learn what makes it a malleable muscle.
    This video will give you information on what the mind thinks the brain does.” You will gain some insight as to what makes you, well YOU! Things you should think about while watching this video: Purpose of brain, important functions of the brain and how you learn.

  • Read This article on what makes the brain Malleable Media:Brain_malleability.pdf. How hardwired is the brain? Technological advances provide new insight into brain malleability and neurotransmission. You can save it to refer to at another time by either printing the material or saving it to your computer.

    Fascinating article on what makes the brain malleable. This article will tell you why Neurons are connected to your thoughts. You are not born to be one way or the other, instead you can become exactly what your thoughts shape you to be. Are you intrinsically motivated? You should be. Wonderful concept.

Review Key Terms

Be sure to open link in a new tab. Go to Mindset Flashcards. Click on the lower right of each flashcard to flip.


Now is the time for you to reflect on the knowledge you have on the differences between the two mindsets. Print out the Mindset Graphic Organizer and write down the difference between the Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

  • Do you feel that your thoughts define your abilities?
  • Do you think that your brain is malleable?
  • Would you be able to recognize the differences between both mindsets?

Test Your Knowledge

Please take this quiz to test your knowledge. If you score over 80% on the quiz you can continue to the next lesson.


Please continue to lesson 2.

Lesson 2: What are the characteristics of a Growth Mindset?

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