Lesson 1: What is Culturally Responsive Teaching?

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Lesson 1 Objective and Accessibility

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  • Objective: In this lesson, we will read and reflect on an excerpt of Zaretta Hammond's Culturally ResponsiveTeaching and The Brain. All participants will learn how the need for CRT affects their individual classrooms and pedagogical approaches.
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  • Digital Platform(s): Desmos — used for providing reading, and sharing participant responses
  • Pre-requisites: Device with access to the internet and ability to read and type on Desmos via a provided link

What is CRT? on Desmos

The entirety of this lesson takes place on Desmos. The link is at the end of this section.

On Desmos, you will be presented with an interactive slideshow that begins by restating the objective of this lesson which is, at its core, understanding what culturally responsive teaching is, and why we need it. Additionally, there are readings and opportunities for community reflection (when you submit your response to a discussion prompt, you will see the responses from your fellow participants).

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Lesson 1 Assignment 1

ASSIGNMENT Please follow the link below to interact with the previews pictured at right, in detail, and to follow through the materials of this lesson.

Link to Lesson 1 Materials on Desmos (code: PEX U42)

References and Resources

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