Lesson 1: Teaching Technology


Unit Three: Creating Audio Learning Materials

Lesson 1: Teaching Technology


Learners will acquire the technology they need to create audio learning experiences


There are a few, but important, minimum requirements for creating audio learning experiences. There are many levels of experiences, ranging from the amateur audio lecture to the more professionally produced podcast complete with original score, and everything in between. In order to post your audio learning experiences so that your students will have access to them, you will need a computer with internet access, a microphone, some audio editing software, and a place to post the files online. See the guidelines below for more detailed information.


For a detailed introduction to Audacity, one of the more popular audio editing softwares, watch this tutorial.


To Do List

Before the end of this unit, you will be required to put it all together and post an online audio learning experience. Now is the time to acquire the minimum requirements for creating your experience and test it out.

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