Lesson 1.2: Goal Setting



  • Determine which common core algebra problems can be solved using a graphing calculator.
  • Set personal goals regarding this mini-course.

Overview: Many students are often unaware of all of the capabilities of a graphing calculator. While it is extremely important that students understand mathematical concepts, it is also important that they know how to use available technology to help them solve problems. Students should understand how to solve all algebra problems with or without a graphing calculator. As a mathematics teacher, think about what you wish to learn and accomplish upon completing this mini-course.

Task 3

Choose an NYS Common Core Algebra 1 Exam here and identify (circle, highlight, star, list) which questions can be solved using the graphing calculator.

(This is the set of questions you will be analyzing throughout the remainder of the course.)

Task 4

In the discussion tab for this lesson, state your goals for this mini course.

Some questions for thought...

  • What do you wish to learn as a result of this mini-course?
  • How would you like to improve your teaching practice?
  • What would you like your students to improve on?
  • What specifically would you like to learn about the graphing calculator?


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