Lesson 1--What is the Internet

General Goal(s):

  • Students will have a better understanding of what the Internet is and how it is created. They will also gain some historical facts about the Internet.

Specific Objectives:

  • Students will know a definition of Internet
  • Student will know some historical facts about the Internet, how it was created, and what can be found using it

Required Materials:

  • Pen/pencil
  • notebooks
  • smartboard
  • projector

Step-By-Step Procedures:

  • Ask whole class-"Who can tell me a definition of the Internet?" Accept resonable answers

and try to compile them into a working defition that should at least include:

    • world wide collection of computer networks
    • included both large and small networks
    • the networks work together to exchange information and ideas
    • the networks connect via telephone wires, cable lines, and/or satelite
  • Ask whole group-"What does the Internet allow its users to do?" Accept resonable answers and compile a working definition that should as least include:
    • exchange mail
    • post and access information
    • access multimedia including photos, videos, audio
    • connect to other diverse cultures and ethnicities
  • Have students take the following notes:
    • The working definition of the Internet collectively created
    • The working definition of what one can do using the Internet


  • can fine just about anything
  • can have access from just about anywhere to all types of media, especially now with the availability of smartphones and other mobile devices
  • 24/7 availability---the internet never closes and therefore we can work and/or play at any time day or night


  • anyone can post information and create internet sites so you never can be sure what's true or false at first glance
  • there is more information than one person could possible even use
  • 24/7 availability--the internet never closes and therefore we can access it and it may keep us away from obligations and responsibilities

Interesting Facts

The information below can be located at: Denning, Steve. "Lessons in Innovations: How Was the Internet Invented?" Forbes 12 July 2011: n. pag. Forbes. Web. 3 May 2012. <http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2011/07/12/ lessons-in-innovation-how-was-the-internet-invented/>.

  • The idea for a network that connected many computers was first conceived in 1958 after the launch of Sputnik
  • Scientists wanted to connect the Pentagon, Cheyenne Mountain, and Strategic Air Command Headquarters
  • They wanted to created something that could sustain a nuclear war and still provide communition capabilities

(Discuss how the was a "big idea" for the times and took a great deal of planning, studying, and many years of hard work)

  • In the 1980's major funding was provided by the National Science Foundation as well as some other larger networks.
  • This funding led to worldwide participation and larger global networks were finally combined
  • By the 1990's an internation network was up and running and as a result many of us are "plugged in"
  • About a quarter of the entire world's population use the Internet

Assessment Based On Objectives:

Assessment will be based on participation in class discussions.

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