Learning Styles


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BELL RINGER - What Do You Know About Learning Styles?

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Module 1

Lesson one ~

Howard Gardner's Theories of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Kendra Cherry.

Gardner's theories take the three basic learning styles and expands them to include specific styles that interrelated to form multiple learning styles. Read the following article: FileGardner.pdf

All Students are Created Equally (and Differently) All Students are Created Equally (and different)

Teaching Methods Teaching Methods

Lesson two ~

Please read the following journal article.

The Effect of Learning Styles on Academic Achievement in Different Forms of Teaching, author Ivana Cimermanová.

The Effect of Learning Styles on Academic Achievement in Different Forms of Teaching


Lesson three ~

Please read the following journal article.

Learning Style Preferences of Logistics Learners, author K. Lambert.

Learning Style Preferences of Logistics Learners


Module 2

Good Thinking! Sending Learning Styles Out of Style.

The Smithsonian Education Center, 2015


Module 3

Don't Believe Everything You Think. Critical Self-Reflection, By Tesia Marshik


Task Analysis

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