Learning Layout


Unit1: We will learn some features of wikis why it is popular and has the advantages in serving Education

Basically, we will talk about the advantages of wikis: what's so good about it. So that audience can gain a general idea about why does wikis could be well served for education, especially for writing class.

Unit2: We will learn how to edit a wikis page, there are some text formatting mark--up quotes we have to learn;

As the prerequisite of the application, there are some information(including videos, articles ,teachers' using experience)will be demonstrated about how to edit wikis, at the same time, we encourage learners to share the problems when they learn to use wikis page.

Unit3: We will learn about the procedures of application of wikis page in writing class ;

The process of how to apply wikis page for writing class will be introduced step by step.

Unit4: We will mention some questions we should concern about in the process of application in the writing class.

Each coin has two sides, as the new technology, when wikis being used for educational purpose, there are still some questions we have to think critically. Additionally, when we use wikis, we still have to address the nature of class teaching.