Learning Communities and using visual information to teach mathematics

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Introduction: Learning communities


After this course the user will be able to use the "Jasper Woodbury Math video series" in class as a tool to teach critical thinking, statistics, geometry and algebra. The Jasper Series consist in 12 videos that present adventures that focus on mathematical problem solving. Each adventure provides opportunities for problem solving, reasoning and communication of the results.

Using visual aids to foment comprehension and connections with real examples is a fundamental part of today's classroom-based learning communities

Unit 1:Why use videos in math class? Anchored instruction

Unit 1 Anchored instruction

This unit pretends to answer to the question: Why is important to use visual aids in math class? One important advantage that The Jasper series add to the class is that the videos are instructional materials designed to change the nature of learning and teaching mathematics.

The Jasper series are also an interesting example of anchored instruction

Unit 2: Theoretical framework and math lesson plans

Unit 2: Math lesson plans

This unit pretends to guide the user thorough the process of creating a math lesson plan. You will find different templates for your lessons, suggestions and rubrics to evaluate them. The Jasper series will be the common tool that you will use to create your lessons and the source for anchoring instruction

Unit 3: Wrap up and evaluation

Unit 3: Evaluation

In this unit is your turn to give me feedback. Leave your impressions, comments and suggestions.

They will be highly appreciated!

References and acknowledgments

References and acknowledgments

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