Reading Conferring for the K-5 Classroom

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Course Overview

Introduction to Course:
In this mini course, participants will construct a reading conferring toolkit composed of strategies to be utilized for structuring conferences, organizing data, and maximizing data usage to create meaningful teaching points and future lessons.

Course Prerequisites
Participants may find the following experiences, skills or knowledge helpful when completing this course.

  • Ability to download and open PDF, PowerPoint Presentations, and edit Microsoft Word Documents.
  • A general idea of a reading conference.
  • A classroom reading block or ELA block that would allow time for conferring daily.
  • A brief understanding of the Fountas and Pinnell Text Characteristics for book levels (appropriate to grade level).
  • A brief understanding of skills/strategies that students are exposed to/are essential for current grade level.

End of Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will

  • Create a conferring schedule to be used daily in classroom.
  • Be able to explain and demonstrate the essential components of a reading conference.
  • Record anecdotal notes during a conference.
  • Develop an effective teaching point based on anecdotal evidence and observations.

Unit Objectives:

Unit 1: What is conferring?

  • Given sample conferring schedule templates, participants will create or adapt one conferring schedule that can be used in their classrooms 4 out of 5 days per week.
  • Upon viewing several example videos, participants will identify the essential components of a reading conference with 90% accuracy.

Unit 2: Questions and Data

  • Given note organizers/models, participants will justify which note taking method best fits their needs using their purpose.
  • Given several varied grade level learning progressions and text characteristics, participants will build and organize a "tool kit" or quick reference guide to use as a resource when conferring based on the grade level / appropriate needs of their own students.
  • Participants will compose anecdotal notes using prompts from their toolkits/quick reference guides.

Unit 3: Planning Further Instruction

  • Given whole class anecdotal notes, participants will identify trends/lack of skills among students in the data.
  • Given an anecdotal recording from a conference, participants will create 4 possible teaching points that fit the study.
  • After viewing whole class anectdotal notes, participants will create two small group learning objectives and lesson plan activities.

Unit 4: Application

  • Given a video of a real conference, participants will provide feedback on the conference and follow up teaching point.

Let's Get Started!

Click this link to get started with Unit 1: Lesson 1: Why Confer?