K-W-L Chart


A K-W-L chart is a great tool for instructors to use to help them find out what students already know about a topic, want to know about a topic, and in the end, what they learned about the topic post instruction.

The 'K' stands for KNOW, the 'W' stands for WANT, and the 'L' stands for LEARN.

The K-W-L chart is tool for you to use when engaging in this independent course of study. "The learner can take the important time to access what they already know about the topic, what they want to know, and in the end, what they have learned".

Thus,in this area it is suggested that you write down information to keep track of your learning. ***Use the EDIT function to make additions to this page at any time throughout the course.

Feel free to return to this page to add or review comments.

In the end, it should be a very exciting chart of compiled information from all users!

K - W - L

'K' What do you KNOW about leadership development?

'W' What do you WANT TO KNOW about leadership development?

'L' What did you LEARN about leadership development?