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Online Collaboration through Web 2.0 Technology

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Mini-course Home: Web 2.0: An Examination of Three Collaborative Tools

Why Web 2.0?

  • Research overwhelmingly points to the need for collaboration to foster students' understanding. Often times, students who use technology, do so independently, with no social interactions happening. Using technology does not have to result in social isolation. Web 2.0 tools allow students to collaborate and work together, while achieving their academic goals.

Josiah Boehlke is currently in his last semester at the University at Albany, finishing his Masters of Science in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology. Choosing a Masters degree that is completely online exposed him to numerous applications that encouraged collaboration within the digital landscape. These collaborative applications are called Web 2.0. This led him to create a mini-course that will help educators better incorporate Web 2.0 tools in their own classroom. The real beauty is that education becomes more global, as the classroom walls expand beyond a physical environment and into the world.

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