Jian SRL 4


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Part Four: Reflection

Target objective:

Learners will reflect on their performance against their objectives, and devise plan for further improvement.


Find articles on the topic of "project-based learning" in Google Scholars. Choose an scholarly article that talks about "project-based learning" . Share your finding in the Forum. Post the PDF full article, the citation in APA format, and explain why you pick it. Repost is not acceptable. Check out what others have posted before submitting your own.

Learning activities:

Group presentation of the project. Can be in any format or medium. In Group hangout section, they need to demonstrate the collaboration in putting things together, addressing the guiding questions, division of responsibilities, and so on. Group meeting outside of LMS is allowed, but meeting minutes must be recorded and posted in LMS. Group self-evaluatation


  • A reflection journal: addressing the following issues in their reflective journal:
  1. How's the group's guiding question related to the learning objective he or she brought into the class, addressed in the Part One journal?
  2. If there's a discrepancy, how will he or she deal with it?
  3. the interaction within groups.
  4. next step of learning
  • Synthesis: Browsing through classmates' selections of articles on "project-based learning" , pick three (one of them is yours) and write up a brief synthesis about "project-based learning" .

Scaffolding tips:

  1. This part should be inserted in the module when the group project is due (could be the final module, or next to final module if peer review is scheduled).
  2. while the group projects end in a high note, the instructor must make sure individual's learning objective also lives up to expectations. The instructor should discuss this with individual students via more informal channels, like Skype chat or phone.