Jian SRL 3


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Part Three: performance

Target objective:

Learners will be able to carry out their learning plan.


Find articles on the topic of "immersive/authentic learning" in Google Scholars. Choose an scholarly article that talks about "immersive/authentic learning". Share your finding in the Forum. Post the PDF full article, the citation in APA format, and explain why you pick it. Repost is not acceptable. Check out what others have posted before submitting your own.

Learning activities:

Group project: Groups will prepare midterm check-in reports. The format and medium of the report depend largely on the project itself, but it should include the following: problem-statement, steps taken to answer the guiding question, questions answered up to this point, and questions left unaddressed up to this point, division of responsibilities, and new emergent questions (if any), and any change to plan of action or to the guiding question itself. Group also need to report difficulties met and how they dealt with them (e.g. seeking help from who). Group meeting outside of LMS is allowed, but meeting minutes must be recorded and posted in LMS.


  • A reflection journal: addressing the following issues in their reflective journal:
  1. How's the group's guiding question related to the learning objective he or she brought into the class, addressed in the Part One journal?
  2. If there's a discrepancy, how will he or she deal with it?
  3. the interaction within groups.
  • Synthesis: Browsing through classmates' selections of articles on "immersive/authentic learning", pick three (one of them is yours) and write up a brief synthesis about "immersive/authentic learning".

Scaffolding tips for the instructor:

  1. this part may be put in the mid-term module.
  2. Instructor should also work closely with individual student, offering opportunity to consult with them on their own learning goals. Redirect or reorient individual learning plans to align with the group project, if possible.
  3. Instructor should moderate group work and within group interaction.
  4. once again, group collaboration process must be documented in LMS, either by taking place in LMS or with meeting minutes.