Jessica Zmiyarch's Mini-Course: Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom


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Welcome to Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom mini-course!

This mini-course is designed to help participants learn about formative assessment and it is effectively used!


Unit 1: What is Formative Assessment?


  • Participants will
  • Learn about the differences between formative assessment and summative assessment.
  • Learn about the advantages of formative assessment (why is it used?).
  • Identify uses of formative assessment for their math classroom.
  • Define formative assessment in their own words.

Unit 2: Examples and Uses of Formative Assessment


  • Participants will
  • Review the examples of formative assessment from unit 1 and choose 4-5 to focus on in unit 2.
  • Decide when and how often to use the specific types of formative assessment in their classroom.
  • Choose one type of formative assessment to review, research and bring into unit 3.

Unit 3: Create, Evaluate, and Analyze Lesson Plans with Formative Assessment


  • Participants will
  • Create and teach a lesson/activity that includes their specific type of formative assessment.
  • Evaluate and analyze their lesson/activity based on the outcome of the formative assessment.
  • Determine their next course of action in the classroom.

References and Resources