Purpose: The topic for this mini lesson is based on the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s and 60's. The purpose of this mini lessons is to familiarize general education teachers with the properties and characteristics of Pop Art and provide them with the basic knowledge to create an avenue of cross curriculum lesson ideas.

Goals: To provide a foundation of knowledge about Pop Art and its capabilities of working with core subject matters.


-Students will define and identify specific characteristics associated with the Pop Art movement.

-Students will evaluate the works of art by Andy Warhol and create a digital collage based on the subject matter and philosophy used by this artist.

-Students will analyze the works of art by George Segal and relate it to ideas within a cross-curriculum function of learning.

Structure of mini course:The Mini Course is broken into three sections: The first section is the introduction, which provides the foundation surrounding the ideas of Pop Art. The second and third sections of the mini lesson looks specifically at two different artist from this movement. At the end of each section, their will be an assessment activity to demonstrate the new found information.

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