Integration and Application of Prezi in the Secondary Classroom


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Greetings and Introduction

Today in the modern world, technology has become an integral part of daily life. With information at our fingertips and the ability to attain answers to our questions at any moment, it comes as no surprise that technology has found its way into the classroom! Both students and teachers alike are benefiting from technologies new-found place in learning. More than ever, educators are filling their instructional tool kits with supplemental technologies to create learning environments that breed excitement, motivation and interest.

This course marks the beginning of your exciting journey into understanding the role and impact of supplemental technology within the classroom. Through this course, you will better understand how digital technologies, such as Powerpoint and Prezi, can support desirable and conducive instruction. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the instructional characteristics of Powerpoint and Prezi and design an academic lesson that incorporates the use of Prezi.

Needs Assessment

1.) Instructional Opportunity:

Instruction and how content is delivered linearly affects the quality of learning and retention of knowledge. Often, instruction incorporates the use of visual aids to convey ideas. These visual aids include images, pictures, colors, graphs, maps and charts to effortlessly communicate with others and organize information. While this strategy is considered effective when supplemented with other approaches, it lends its hand to more “passive” learning. It is during “passive” learning opportunities that students have the heightened likelihood to easily “tune” out from content because of the way in which it is being communicated.

Powerpoint, the usual tool used by teachers to supplement content visually, is valuable, however, it falls short of active learning and high engagement. The implementation of Powerpoint into the lesson can amplify passive learning and lead to: low engagement, lack of interest in content, diminished motivation, etc. Prezi is a viable, fun and exciting solution to classrooms that may have low engagement resulting from content delivered via Powerpoint.

Prezi is a presentation software platform that affords the user the opportunity to create highly engaging and visually captivating presentations. Through this platform, an educator can easily bolster classroom engagement through the interactive progression of the presentation that excitingly leads students through the path of discovery. Furthermore, Prezi’s interactive canvas encourages students to explore concepts and the connections between them in an innovative and technologically accessible way.

2.) What is to be Learned:

Learners will become familiar with how to use and navigate the platform. Upon familiarity and exploration, the learner will be able to implement the tool into instruction in order to render highly engaging and inclusive instruction.

3.) The Learners

Learners include educators, administrators and other professionals in the field of education seeking knowledge about how to create visually remarkable and interactive presentations via Prezi in the classroom, formal meetings, etc.

Learner Analysis: Learners within this course include educators and administrators teaching children in grades K-12. Additionally, they will possess varying degrees of familiarity with technology-related tools for instruction and technological abilities.

4.) Context for Instruction

Participants will learn content within this mini-course online, in his or her preferred location. Delivery of content will require the use of a computer and stable internet connection. Resources will be varied, highly relevant and useful for learners to further understand how to effectively use Prezi.

5.) Exploring the Instructional Problem and Solution

Learners will continuously explore the effects of supplemental technology-related instructional tools on the quality of learning (passive vs. active). Through surveys, assessments and activities, learners will become more aware of opportunities to increase engagement and active learning through the use of Prezi.

6.) Goals of this Mini-Course

The purpose of this mini-course is to:

  • Compare/ contrast the cost-benefits of Powerpoint vs. Prezi
  • Learn how to increase motivation, fun, excitement and engagement towards information/content
  • Learn how to use/navigate/ incorporate Prezi into instruction as a supplemental tool
  • Ultimately increase opportunities for active learning instead of passive as facilitated through Powerpoint

Performance Objectives

  • Learners will recall various common presentation platforms used for instructional purposes
  • Learners will compare and contrast the instructional characteristics of Powerpoint and Prezi
  • Learners will identify the features of the Prezi platform and how they lend to its functionality
  • Learners will analyze the benefits and costs of implementing Prezi as an instructional tool
  • Learners will assess the quality of engagement and learning resulting from use of Prezi in instruction
  • Learners will design a Prezi presentation for a specific instructional purpose; include how its qualities (features) contribute to its utility (interactive distribution of information)

Course Units

Unit 1: Self-Reflection and Experiences Using Supplemental Technology for Instruction

Have you used presentation software to enhance learning? Which ones do you frequently include within instruction and why? In this introductory unit, you will assess your previous knowledge and understanding of digital technologies used to aid in facilitating instruction and reflect on individual experiences related to applying said supplemental technologies in the classroom. What were your experiences when using these technology? How did it impact and influence the quality of learning? All of these questions will be discussed in depth! Get ready to examine how presentation software can be used to facilitate powerful learning!

Unit 2: Popular Assistive Technologies in Education- Prezi and Powerpoint

How well do you know Powerpoint and Prezi? In this unit, you will explore the Powerpoint and Prezi digital platforms and evaluate their instructional characteristics. How does each fare in terms of organization, engagement, persuasiveness and effectiveness? Through critical investigation and analysis, you will be able to compare and contrast the costs/benefits for each digital platform.

Unit 3: Design and Application of Prezi Presentation as Instructional Support Aid

Finally, we will embark on the adventure of Prezi. You will identify what you already know would like to know and learned. Shortly thereafter, you will design and create a Prezi presentation for an academic lesson of your own choice! Be prepared to showcase your work and receive feedback, as well as see what your fellow educators are doing to bring their ideas to life and provide constructive responses! This interactive critique will leave you with helpful tips, suggestions and ideas that will allow you to master Prezi! In no time, you will be creating exceptional, highly-engaging Prezi presentations to support instruction!

Extended Resources