Integrating iPads Into the Physical Education Curriculum


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Welcome to Integrating iPads Into the Physical Education Curriculum mini-course!

iPads are becoming popular within our schools. iPads accounts for nearly 99.8% of all tablets used, with nearly 20 million sold in the United States (Powell, 2014). What makes the iPad perfect for education is how lightweight it is compared to computers and how easily students can navigate through its content. However when teachers are thinking about how to use an iPad in their classroom, there are many things they have to think about. We have to remember how the iPad and applications are going to align with the lesson objective. We also need to remember how the applications align with standards. The apps should support standard-based instruction, such as focus on state and national curriculum and learning standards (Powell, 2014). This mini-course is aligned to state and national standards as the applications address both physical fitness and skills. Once the iPad and applications align with the lesson objective, as well as state and national standards then teachers can effectively use iPads in their classroom lessons. This mini-course is an effective tool to help physical educators learn about how to use iPads and applications in their lessons that align with both state and national standards.

This mini-course is designed to help physical educators learn how to integrate iPads and applications into not only their lessons, but curricula as well. Educators will learn the basic about iPads and apps, as well as learn about different types of apps they can use in their lessons. After completing this mini-course, educators will be able to create lesson plans that integrate technology.

The following questions helped me design this mini-course:

· How do you use an iPad?

· What is an application?

· What applications can be used in physical education?

· How can applications be integrated into physical education?


Unit 1:What is an iPad? What are apps?


· Educators will be able to understand basic functions of an iPad.

· Educators will understand what an application is and how applications work.

· Educators will locate and explore the app store.

Unit 2:What apps to use in physical education


· Educators will identify apps that they can integrate into their classroom.

· Educators will understand what apps they can use in their curriculum.

· Educators will discuss how they will integrate the apps into their lessons.

Unit 3:How will you use iPads in the gymnasium


· Educators will self evaluate their curriculum and technology usage.

· Educators will be able to create lessons that include iPads and apps.

· Educators will outline how they will integrate iPads and apps into their favorite lesson.


Powell, S. (2014). Choosing iPad Apps With a Purpose: Aligning Skills and Standards. Teaching Exceptional Children, 47(1), 20-26. doi:10.1177/0040059914542765