Integrating News ELA in the classroom:Lesson 1


Learning Objective

Participants will reflect on their prior experiences and knowledge regarding struggling readers.

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Activity 1

Respond to the questions below.

1. What issues arise in your classroom due to low reading levels? How do you try to work with or fix these issues? Explain

2. Which students make you job easier, is it the ones that "get it" or is the ones that are struggling?'

Activity 2A

Watch the following video:

Activity 2B

Read the following article: Basic Literacy


Respond to one of the questions below. Use evidence from the video and/or the article in your response.

1. Did anything in the video remind you of an experience you've had?

2. In the video Tatum explained a strategy he used to help a disengaged reader, which strategies have you tried for disengaged or struggling readers? Did it work? Explain

3. What are the benefits of raising student's reading levels?

4. Why is there a correlation between a person's reading level and the likely-hood of them going to prison?

5. How does the article recommend raising reading levels? Do you agree? disagree? Explain

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