Integrating 1:1 Technology in a World Language Classroom


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More and more school districts are introducing 1:1 technology programs into their school districts. With the high cost of 1:1 technology programs the expectation is that these resources would be utilized in the classroom. Therefore, the purpose of this course is to demonstrate how 1:1 technology can be utilized effectively in a language classroom.

Assessment of Learner Needs

The number of districts that have introduced 1:1 technology programs has increased significiantly in the past few years. The CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) conducted a survey which demonstrated that as of 2018, 40 % of the 386 school districts that participated in the survey, reported that they had implemented 1:1 technology into their schools. This is up from just 23% in 2014. While only a small percentage of school districts in the nation participated in the survey, it does demonstrate that there appears to be a growing number of districts that are moving towards implementing 1:1 technology programs. Furthermore, it appears that districts are doing this quickly as the number of 1:1 districts almost doubled in just four years. Therefore, it is imparative that teachers receive training in order to effectively incorporate this technology into their teaching.


In addition, New York State in looking to rewrite the World Language standards so that they are more aligned with performance-based objectives. These standards will be aligned with ACTFLs (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) already exisiting "World-Readiness Standards". Therefore, the course is designed so that the learner is able to effectively integrate technology so that it is aligned with ACTFLs first three communication standards. See below attachment for standards:

ACTFL Learning Standards.png

A survey revealed that many teachers are using 1:1 technology for similar purposes and/or using the same apps frequently. The two most popular applications being used is FlipGrid and Quizlet. In addition, the survey revealed that 1:1 technology is being used more for organizational purposes rather than for learning. This course will allow learners to discover new ways to utilize 1:1 technology effectively.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Requirements for the course

The Students

This course would work best for those that have little to no experience with using 1:1 technology, or that have it and feel like they are not using it effectively.

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Experience teaching a second language (NOT recommended for ENL teachers as this course is aligned with ACTFLs World-Readiness Standards)
  • Have some familiarity with ACTFLs World-Readiness Standards. The course will focus on communication standards 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. However, all of the standards can be found here for review.
  • Experience using a 1:1 device (i.e. laptop, chromebook, ipad etc.)
  • Have a working GMAIL account in order to access classroom "Google Docs" page
  • Have access to a personal device and Wifi as this course is conducted entirely online

Performance Objectives

By the end of the course teachers will be able to perform the following task:

Teachers will be able to create a lesson plan that effectively incorporates 1:1 technology with a focus that develops interpersonal, interpretive, and/or presentational communication skills.

In order to meet the course objective students will be focusing on meeting the objectives below during the first three modules.

  • When provided with a sample lesson plan, SWBAT analyze an application/website being used to develop interpersonal (Module 1), interpretive (Module 2) and presentational (Module 3) language skills by reviewing the lesson segment individually and in a discussion with peers.
  • SWBAT effectively integrate technology into teaching in order to develop students interpersonal (Module 1), interpretive (Module 2) and presentational (Module 3) language skills by creating a lesson plan segment that incorporates technology that is aligned with a learning objective and learning standard.

Curriculum Map

Below you will find the PDF for the Curriculum Map for this course. In each module, the objective is to create activities that develop either interpersonal, interpretive or presentational communication skills. This is accomplished by identifying the learning objective and then selecting the technology that will help develop the students' communication skills.

File:Curriculum Map.pdf

Unit: Integrating 1:1 Technology in a World Language Classroom

Module 1: Integrate technology effectively in order to develop students' interpersonal language skills.

Module 2: Integrate technology effectively in order to develop students' interpretive language skills.

Module 3: Integrate technology effectively in order to develop students' presentational language skills.

Module 4: Final assessment & Closure.